Lykke Li – Get Some EP Preview

Lykke Li releases her sophomore album soon. The first album was brilliant, but didn’t sell to its potential and therefore she went largely unnoticed outside the online world. Looks like her new album breathes a new sound with the release of 2 new tracks unto t’Internet. Get Some is a real shift in direction from the heart-wrenching melancholy to a more beat driven, sexier sound. Have a listen here:

Get Some – Lykke Li by Pop Culture Monster

And we get another taste of her penchant and mastery of said tearful ballad with Paris Blue where her ridiculously emotive voice shines through. Have a listen here:

Paris Blue – Lykke Li by Pop Culture Monster

So there you have a little taster from the upcoming release. Both tracks can be downloaded free from Ms Li herself here.

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