New Music – 04-10/10/10

And there goes another week (they’re really flying by!), and here’s this week’s new single releases.

Cee-lo Green – Fuck You

We all know that those extremely catchy songs with somewhat of a dirty element always do well (Sex on the Beach, I’m Horny) and Cee-Lo’s Fuck You is no different. Already storming to the top spot on the UK singles chart this week, it has gained its much deserved spot. It’s one of the catchiest things Pop Culture Monster’s heard in a long time, albeit with stupid lyrics and a terrible radio friendly revision (‘I guess he’s Xbox, I’m more Atari’ and Forget You respectively).

Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger – Heartbeat

This is officially what ear-rape feels like. It’s like a really amateur try at a bad dance track. Even the piano sounds tinny. Enrique’s breathy, shit voice is used to the extreme here. If it were just Nicole it could probably pass by relatively unscathed. It’s not just the bad 90’s dance remix style backing track that makes this song awful, it’s the terrible repetitive lyrics and antiphonal style of the singing. It’s supposed to be somewhat smushy (it’s Enrique after all) but it just turns out trite and appalling. It probably took all of 2 mins to write the track, and it really shows. Stick to dirty dancing and singing about sex Nicole, and Enrique? You listening? You just stop. Please.

Honourable Mentions:

Magnetic Man ft. Katy B – Perfect Stranger A relatively alright club friendly track. What’s with all the 90’s dance inspired stuff at the moment?

Have You Heard This Yet? Robyn Sherwell