New Singles 8-14/11/10

After the tragedy of last week, this week seems a lot better. We actually have a pick for the good single this week.

B.O.B ft Rivers Cuomo – Magic

So, ever the collaborator, B.O.B released his 3rd consecutive collaboration single this week. And it’s not bad at all. And it even features your man outta Weezer. Cuomo is a good addition on vocals. On the last single, emo goddess (not our words) Hayley Williams nasally and lazily sang her way through the song, and that was still a hit. So why not do another collab? Well, tbh B.O.B, it’s getting a bit stale, and apparently you can “sing like Aretha”. So if you want us to “respect you like Caesar” you better get to singing for yourself now, won’t you? But until then, this’ll do.

Shayne Ward – Gotta Be Somebody

Congratulations Shayne, you’ve done the impossible: you’ve managed to make a Nickelback song even worse. No amount of shirtless photos will take away from that fact. And no amount of auto-tune will make it better either. It’s still electro shit. And a lead single and everything? You’re supposed to make us WANT to go see you live, Shayne. Not subject us to bleeding ears and more and more covers. We’ve got that “don’t ever fucking ring this number again” kinda love for you, Shayne.

Honourable mentions:

Pink – Raise Your Glass – We’re not quite raising our glasses, but it’s alright.

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