One to watch – YADi

by Jack Davidson

If you haven’t heard this girl yet, you’re really missing out. Currently unsigned, but destined to be massive if her demo GUiLLOTiNE is anything to go by. Her MySpace presently hosts 3 tracks from it, all of which have a real chart-friendly sound, at yet they stand out amongst the masses. The title track, GUiLLOTiNE, is a real stand out track. Military drum beats layered with a chart-busting chorus that is instantly an Ohrwurm. Lyrically she’s miles ahead of the competition.

There’s an air of Marina and the Diamonds about the piano arrangements and the epic nature of the vocals and crescendo movement of the song is reminiscent of Florence, but the comparison falls short here, this girl certainly has her own sound. Her defining feature is catchy lyrical hooks, a stand out voice and the primal drum beats which feature on GOLD and GUiLLOTiNE. Considering this is only her demo, we’re so excited to hear the finished product. “I don’t need blue blood running through my veins ’cause like a queen, like a queen, I can make you love me.” She’s true to her words. We love it. Move over 2010, 2011 just got interesting.

Check out YADi’s MySpace and Twitter for updates.

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