Disposable Phones a Possibility

The race to make the smallest, thinnest gadget ever is still going strong. Everyone knows Apple products get thinner, sleeker and more powerful with every generation. Smartphones have been transformed from clunky mini-computers into stylish, sexy designs that are getting thinner and more powerful all the time. It seems like a new and better smartphone is released weekly, and it’s pretty difficult to keep abreast of this ever-changing piece of technology. But what about the idea of a disposable smartphone that’s somewhat similar to a pamphlet but works just like your iPhone or Galaxy?

Concept artist Ilshat Garipov has come up with something that is just that. Dubbed the “Smartphone-Booklet”, this paper-thin design unfolds like a pamphlet with each page representing a commonly used function. It can be trimmed to size and it’s recyclable. The information would be stored on a cloud service and it would be solar-powered. And all this is possible because of… Nanoparticles! Those near-invisible objects that were once baffling to scientists are already revolutionising drug delivery, gene therapy, microsurgical technology and tissue engineering along with a host of other practical medical applications. So it’s only a matter of time before they’re readily available to the average consumer.

Obviously a lot more research into the dangers and effects of nanoparticles will have to go ahead before they can be synthesised into a usable and disposable pamphlet smartphone like this, but they are the kind of steps we should be taking with technology. The possibilities are endless, and this just goes to prove it.

(via BitRebels)

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