The Physics of Space Battles

When I’m watching sci-fi movies set in space, battle scenes are one of those things that gets me all fired up and shouting at the screen. You can usually hear me yelling “WHY DID YOUR SPACESHIP/WEAPON MAKE SOUND?” or “HOW DID YOU JUST STOP RIGHT NOW?! HOW?!” or “WHY DID YOU JUST EXPLODE IN A FIREBALL?!”. So I guess taking those questions and more into consideration, Joe Hanson, from It’s Okay To Be Smart, explores the physics behind space battles. And it turns out that I’m totally right, THOSE THINGS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

Joe explains that wee little physics thing called Newton’s First Law of Motion, whereby basically once you’re moving you won’t need to use the thrusters that you’re using because you will keep moving in that direction unless you decide to change it. YEAH! Newton, bitch.

Also, using lasers are bad, nukes are better.

Also, it’s all George Lucas’s fault. As if we didn’t already know that. *cough*

Interactive Map of the Galaxy