The Animated Adventures Of Buffy

Mr Gordo, Mr Pointy, Campfire songs with Sweet, love triangles, Tara, mʔ, puppet Angel. This has it all!

In case you didn’t know already, we love The Artwork of Stephen Byrne here at Pop Culture Monster. We’ve talked about his work before, when he did The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who, but now he’s turned to our most beloved TV show, Buffy.

The animation is all kinds of incredible, and I guess follows on from some of the comic work he did earlier this year, but it’s very much in his signature style. It’s very clear that Stephen himself is a huge Buffy fan (I mean there’s stuff from Season 8 in there! #Superfan), with all the little tidbits thrown in. My most favourite bit is everything, but especially the nod to one of the two greatest dimensions, the World With Nothing But Shrimp.

P.S. Is that the Gem of Amarra in the scene with Willow?

P.P.S I love that the portraits are of all the Big Bads. Nice touch.

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