2 Hot Girls in the Shower – An Interview

When Julie Wittner and Kim Evey came together in soapy matrimony, a rare and special thing was born: a web series with two hot girls, in a shower. 2 Hot Girls In The Shower is the problem-solving web series with a twist. A lathery, naked twist. So what happens when 2 Hot Guys at a Computer interview 2 Hot Girls in the Shower? Sparks. The electric kind. Well not really, because that would be lethal…

How did you two meet?

It was either in ’65 at an antiwar love-in or in ’02 at ACME Comedy Theater in Los Angeles where we wrote and performed sketch comedy together.  Both of those times were so fueled with drugs and righteous passion for our cause we have trouble keeping them straight.

Was it shower at first sight or love at first shower?

It was actually love at first laugh. We discovered that we have very similar senses of humor as well as an obsessive-compulsive need for cleanliness. We tried to incorporate a shower into all of our sketches at ACME but after our Pope John Paul II Accidentally Winds Up In A Shower In Hell pitch the director wouldn’t have it. He still claims the shower wasn’t the problem but we know the truth.  So we decided to create our own show where we could be clean and funny and make our own small but important contribution to the sadly lacking amount of porn-related content available on the internet.

Do you exclusively shower with each other?

It’s in our contract. Every so often we have a guest in the shower with us, but as our contract states, “… at no time will either party shower alone without the presence of the other hot girl. If either party is caught showering alone or with another party without the other party, said party will party exclusively alone said et al and into hereunder, therefore being under said law in perpetuity et al to infinity and beyond… live long and prosper…” and it goes on from there but it’s all legal jargon and we don’t understand a word of it. Do you? If you do, please explain.

When did you start showering together?


What shampoo do you use?

Julie uses one that two friends told her about and Kim uses the one for dandruff but only one the left side of her head.  It tingles.

Julie, how many restraining orders do you have?

J: Three… that I obey.

Kim, most people sing in the shower, but you tap dance. When did you discover your talent?

K: If by “talent” you mean “the ability to faux-tap dance by hopping around like an idiot,” then you should probably think about a secondary education or at least pick up a dictionary once in a while because that’s not what “talent” means.

Julie, did you ever get to speak to The Man from the government?

J: I called back seventeen times and almost got through just before the FBI knocked down our door. They were very embarrassed to find out we were in the shower shooting a comedy show. So embarrassed, in fact, that in took them six hours to leave.

Kim, like us, one of you is blonde. Isn’t it frustrating having to explain everything?

K: Hang on, I’m trying to explain the difference between “its” and “it’s” to Julie.

(Two hours later…)

K: No. I’m used to it.

How did the series come about?

In 2007, ACME honored their very talented musical director, Jonathan Green, with a video roast. Kim’s husband Greg Benson (of Mediocre Films) wanted their clip to take place in the shower. But on the day of the video shoot (which, by the way, would have been viewed in a live theater venue by over 99 people!) he chose instead to shoot a “commercial” which was then viewed by “millions” of people on “television” forcing Julie and Kim to do the shower roast instead. Was it the right choice?  That’s a question that only Kim, Julie and Greg know the answer to.  Turn your computer upside down to find out the answer written below in parenthesis. Then turn it right side up to be able to read it. (The answer is “yes.”)

Are the letters real? If so, what’s the weirdest one you’ve received?

Most of them are real though we can’t recall any real strange questions.  We get a lot of people trying to be strange or funny just to get attention—kind of like “Let’s Make A Deal” except instead of people dressed up as, say, a nurse and a giant ham, they’re writing “which came first, the chicken or the egg or my penis?” And instead of Monte Hall handing out cash, we’re…you know what, this is a terrible analogy.  We’re abandoning it.  Throwing it in a dumpster.  No, God, that’s horrid!  We’re now putting the analogy on the doorstep of a nice but barren upper-middle class couple. There. Anyway, getting back to your question, we do get a lot of the same questions asked over and over again: “Where are the two hot girls?” “Are you really naked?” “Why don’t you pan the camera down?” “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” Most of these will be answered soon in upcoming videos, possibly in musical form.

If you could shower with any figure from history who would it be?

Ohhh! That is one of the best questions we have ever been asked… Hmmm…. We will answer that one in an upcoming episode! It’s too good not to.

Can we expect more guests in your shower?

Yes, very soon. Depending when this comes out, there may be one already uploaded!

Any advice for anyone who wants to make a web series themselves?

Do it.  Right now.  Seriously, stop reading this, get up, grab a camera, shoot something and put it on YouTube.  Because you can.  Also, it helps if a) it means something to you b) you have good friends who you enjoy working with c) those friends are talented d) you don’t care about the outcome. We never thought one way or the other about what this meant or what we were doing or whether we’d make money, we just did it to amuse ourselves.  Well, that and to see how many people would watch something called 2 Hot Girls in the Shower. Turns out, OVER 25 MILLION WOULD! THAT’S A QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE, PEOPLE!!! *WE LOVE OUR FANS AND THE SUPPORTIVE FEEDBACK. THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE!!!** But honestly, even if only one person watched it we would still do the show just for the fun of it!***

Kim’s footnotes:

*It’s actually 1/40th of a billion but I can’t even begin to try and explain this one to Julie.

**I also tried to explain how using ALL CAPS looks like unnecessary yelling on the internet but it’s no use.

***No we wouldn’t.

Julie’s Footnotes:

*Look at the sparkly thing.


***The “one” person would have to watch our show over 25 billion times.

All the 2 Hot Girls in the Shower vidoes are available on YouTube.

And also, find the 2 Hot Girls on Twitter. And in the spirit of Twitter we give you Julie’s explanation…

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