Community Cast Announce Season 6 Premiere Date

You know who they are. Unless you’re really old, or really young, or dumb like a baby. In which case, how are you reading this? Yes, it’s coming back! Season 6 of the not-so-hit show Community is back, after being given a new lease of life thanks to Yahoo! The cast have gotten together to make this announcement video for the premiere date. Not that they needed to make the video, because clearly they didn’t. Who even makes videos anymore?

If you’re not going to watch it, it’s premiering on Yahoo! on March 17th. Paddy’s (not Patty) Day, to you and me. But you should still watch the video, it’s definitely worth the watch. Shirley’s gone, booo! But we get to see new cast member Paget Brewster, so win? She’s just as excited as you are to see the show. #CommunityLivesOn

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