Gorgeous Doctor Who Poster Set

For a collection commissioned by the Radio Times, Stuart Manning has created a poster for each episode of Season 8 of Doctor Who. Now, while the season may have been absolutely terrible, these posters are anything but. They’re gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I would rather sit and watch one each week for 50 minutes straight every Saturday than watch another episode of that awful nightmare people still call a TV show. About the series, Big Chief Studios says,

“We are proud to announce an all new stunning art collection celebrating series 8 of Doctor Who. Created especially for publication in the Radio Times by artist Stuart Manning in time for each episode, the posters were all individually designed in a retro style. Particular attention was paid to create striking imagery combined with gorgeous period typography.
This amazing art will be available to order very soon and will be sold separately as Limited Edition Art Prints, as well as a portfolio collection.”

You can see more of Stuart’s work here.

episode 1 Deep Breath

episode 2 Into the Dalek

episode 3 Time Heist

episode 4 Robot of Sherwood

episode 5 Listen

episode 6 Kill the Moon

episode 7 The Caretaker

episode 8 Flatline

episode 9 The Mummy on the Orient Express

episode 10 Death in Heaven

episode 11 Forest of the Night

episode 12 Dark Water

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