Ranking Every Episode Of Buffy

Almost a year ago to the day, BuzzFeed ranked every episode of Buffy. It came as no surprise to me that there were wrong. Clearly the person/s who complied had no idea what makes a good Buffy episode. If you’re no stranger to PCM, you’ll know that all of us here are massive Whedon fans. So we took personal offence to the rankings and decided to do our own. So here you have it. A decidedly more definitive, but yet probably not because in fairness everyone has their own opinions, ranking of every episode of BtVS than that BuzzFeed one.

We’re not going to bore you with a synopsis on every episode, or the reasoning behind our ranking. Just a few of them, to explain the massive variations between this and the BuzzFeed one.

136. Blood Ties

blood ties

135. Go Fish

go fish

134. The Killer In Me

the killer in me

133. Real Me

real me

132. Bad Eggs

bad eggs

131. Family


130. Reptile Boy

reptile boy

129. Doublemeat Palace

doublemeat palace

128. The Pack

the pack

127. Ted


126. Teacher’s Pet

teachers pet

124. All The Way

all the way

123. Some Assembly Required

some assembly required

122. Spiral


121. Touched


120. Crush


119. No Place Like Home

no place like home

118. First Date

first date

117. Hell’s Bells

hells bells

116. Beer Bad

beer bad

115. After Life

after life

114. Into The Woods

into the woods

113. I, Robot… You, Jane

i robot... you jane

112. Intervention


111. Out of My Mind

out of my mind

110. Sleeper


109. I Was Made To Love You

i was made to love you

108. Entropy


107. Wrecked


106. Smashed


104. As You Were

as you were

103. Shadow


102. The Replacement

the replacement

100. Beneath You

beneath you

99. Goodbye Iowa

goodbye iowa

98. The Weight Of The World

the weight of the world

97. Flooded


96. Inca Mummy Girl

inca mummy girl

95. Forever


94. Listening To Fear

listening to fear

93. The Zeppo

the zeppo

92. Beauty & The Beasts

beauty and the beasts

91. School Hard

school hard
BuzzFeed ranking: 18

Why is it worse?

Yes it introduces spike. It’s a solid episode. But it doesn’t hold up compared to the rest of the season and definitely isn’t top half material.

90. Lie To Me

lie to me

89. New Moon Rising

new moon rising

88. Get It Done

get it done

87. Empty Places

empty places

86. Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things are

85. The Yoko Factor

The Yoko Factor

84. Gone


83. Seeing Red

seeing red

82. Doomed


81. Help


80. Lessons


79. Phases


78. The Initiative

the initiative

77. Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

never kill a boy on the first date

76. Nightmares


75. The I in Team

the i in team

74. Normal Again

normal again

73. Potential


72. Never Leave Me

never leave me

71. Two To Go/ Grave

two to go - grave

70. Bargaining


69. Older and Far Away

older and far away

68. Bring On The Night

bring on the night

67. Lies My Parents Told Me

lies my parents told me

66. Killed By Death

killed by death

65. Dead Man’s Party

dead mans party

64. Buffy vs. Dracula

buffy vs dracula

63. Villains


62. Out of Mind, Out of Sight

out of mind out of sight

61. Fool For Love

fool for love
BuzzFeed ranking: 12

Why is it worse?

Look, the Spike fans in the audience can simmer down, whatever way you cut it, he’s abusive and doesn’t get a free pass ever. Season 6 Spike just gives us the ick. So, no Buzzfeed. No.

60. When She Was Bad

when she was bad

59. Revelations


58. Superstar


57. Fear, Itself

fear itself

56. The Puppet Show

the puppet show

55. Hallowe’en


4. The Dark Age

the dark age

53. End Of Days

end of days

52. The Harsh Light of Day

the harsh light of day

51. Same Time, Same Place

same time same place

50. Him


49. Angel


48. Earshot


47. Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest

welcome to the hellmouth - the harvest

46. Anne


45. Faith, Hope & Trick

faith hope and trick

44. Consequences


43. Homecoming


42. Checkpoint


41. Triangle


40. Tabula Rasa

tabula rasa

39. Living Conditions

living conditions

38. Choices


37. Primeval

the yoko factor - primeval

36. What’s My Line?

what's my line

35. Chosen


34. Showtime

BuzzFeed ranking: 111

Why is it better?

Showtime is a pivotal episode for Buffy. She goes from a slayer to The Slayer. The commander destined to turn the tide.

33. The Freshman

the freshman
BuzzFeed ranking: 69

Why is it better?

This is such a major life episode. It’s not over the top. It’s not flashy. It’s about dealing with life as it comes at you. And the fact that Sunday is one of the all time great vamps is just the cherry on top.

32. Life Serial

life serial

31. A New Man

a new man

30. Dirty Girls

dirty girls

29. Storyteller


28. Witch


27. Gingerbread


26. Enemies


25. I Only Have Eyes For You

i only have eyes for you

24. Bad Girls

bad girls

23. Pangs


22. Band Candy

band candy

21. Something Blue

something blue

20. This Year’s Girl/Who Are You?

this years girl - who are you

19. The Wish

the wish

18. Helpless


17. Amends


16. Prophecy Girl

prophecy girl

15. The Prom

the prom

14. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

bewitched bothered and bewildered

13. Restless


12. Selfless


11. Lovers Walk

lovers walk

10. The Gift

the gift

9. The Body

the body

8. Doppelgangland


7. Passion


6. Conversations With Dead People

conversations with dead people
BuzzFeed ranking: 20.

Why is is better than that?

The show took a chance on a slow burn episode which was scary, poignant and incredibly paced. Some of the best writing and most subtle acting in the whole show.

5. Once More With Feeling

once more with feeling

4. Hush


3. Surprise/Innocence

surprise - innocence

2. Becoming


1. Graduation

graduation day pt 1 and 2
BuzzFeed ranking: 10

Why is it better?

Graduation is hands down the best episode of BtVS. It’s everything that Buffy is about: love, friendship, betrayal all set against the backdrop of the apocalypse. Graduation is the culmination of so much of Buffy’s growth. She was told she wouldn’t graduate, wouldn’t live that long, couldn’t have a normal life and she proved everyone wrong, and so did the show.

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