Between Two Ferns with Brad Pitt

“My guest today, Bradley Pitts.”

Yes, the way too cool for school actor Brad Pitt joined Zach Galifianakis between the two ferns to discuss his latest movie, Fury. As per usual, Brad didn’t actually really get to talk much about Fury (or is it Furry?) and was instead roasted about various aspects of his life, before being very RUDELY interrupted by Louis C.K. I mean, could you imagine the cheek of him? Anyway, we get to see Brad faking uncomfortable while we viewers are really uncomfortable as he is asked about yes, you’ve guessed it, Jennifer. And it’s so bitchy that I just want to high-five Zach Galifianakis until our hands fall off.

Fair play to Brad, too. I’m sure it wasn’t easy holding it together.

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