Doctor Who History Tapestry

As you all well know, Doctor Who turns 50 this month. Well the TV show does, anyway. The actual Doc himself is around 1100 years old, according to the show’s mythology. To celebrate the landmark birthday, artist Bill Mudron has creataed an amazing tribute in the form of what is called the Baywheux Tapestry.  The tapestry is a “slightly ridiculous tribute to the Bayeaux Tapestry”, featuring scenes from the seminal show’s history, from the First Doctor entering the TARDIS for the first time all the way through The Day of The Doctor, the 50th anniversary special that airs on BBC1 on November 23.

The tapestry is chockablock with Easter Eggs for fans of the show, but also has the uncanny ability of being accessible to those out there who wouldn’t be the most knowledgeable of the Doctor’s escapades. Rarely has a thousand years of adventuring felt so fun. Click for a closer look at the tapestry in all its glory. And for the full on Whovians, you can get your own 24X36 copy here.






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