Movember Moustache Moments

Everyone loves a man with a good moustache. Some can pull them off, some not so much. Sometimes it makes them look more refined, sometimes it adds a bit of comedy, sometimes it just screams “I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. MWAHAHA!!!!” But anyways, Pop Culture Monster brings you his favourite moustaches throughout pop culture.

Tom Selleck

This man defies and defines the moustache. He is moustache. Moustache is he.


Not just a loveable video-game character. He also has an enviable ‘tache.

Hulk Hogan

The man that made WWF look slightly less homosexual. We can only attribute it to his mo’. What a great mo’, Hulk. Keep it up, son.

Dick Van Dyke

It was as the brilliant Dr Mark Sloane in Diagnosis: Murder that his ‘tache really became a centre point.

Salvador Dali

He has been voted the most recognisable mo’ of all time. Almost as recognisable as that other thing he’s famous for: picture drawing and things of that nature.

Albert Einstein

Everyone’s favourite uncle Einstein: The man who invented the great Moustache.

Ron Jeremy

Should have turned safe search on when doing a Google image search for Mr Jeremy. Or at least been more specific about wanting a pic of his ‘tache.


The man who practised hate crimes practised the tiny ‘tache too.

Charlie Chaplin

Another tiny ‘tache wearer. This time it from Mr Chaplin, the comedy legend.

Groucho Marx

One of the biggest mo’s on this list. And one of the best, obv.

Errol Flynn

There’s something smooth about it, even though it’s probably tickley.

The Swedish Chef

The wonderful, loveable Swedish Chef. Kudos, Henson.

Frida Kahlo

Not just an eyebrow, my friend. Oh no, she’s also the only woman on the list. Wonder why…

Dr Phil

Something tells us this man would be far less famous or successful or indeed trustworthy had he no ‘tache.

Freddie Mercury

If this man had lived, would he still be ‘tached today? Who knows. What we do know is that his music and his mo’ still live on.

John Waters

There’s something unsettling about his moustache. There’s also something unsettling about him. So, it works.

Quincy Jones

A complete legend of music, and a complete legend of the ‘tache.


Finally, it’s everyone’s favourite animated moustache. Probably anyways. His mo’ is the stuff of legends on The Simpsons.

Okay, that’s it and therefore Must Dash. See you all soon. Remember to donate to a good cause this Movember… (pick your favourite mo’ and donate here!)

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