I Am Number Four – Teaser Trailer

When this first landed in my mailbox, and I idly clicked it not knowing exactly what it was, I thought “huh, this could prove interesting, if a little emo.” As the seconds ticked by, and we were joined by Dianna Agron (Glee‘s Quinn), it started to look more like an origins story of a Heroes character, with the plot stylings and bad script of a Twilight movie. Then he said the line “you’ve no idea what I’m capable of” and Stephanie Meyer received her royalty cheque.

The director D. J. Caruso (no, he’s not in CSI: Miami) hasn’t made a good movie and has been criticised previously for unoriginal plot lines. Looks like he’s staying true to form with this one. It could prove to be one of the single most God-awful movies of the year. We’ll let you decide what you think…

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