Dear FOX, Re: Terra Nova

Dear FOX Broadcasting,

I know how you like to cancel things that are really good. See: Arrested Development, Firefly, Dollhouse etc. And you like to keep things that are really bad on air for far longer than they every should be. See: Glee, American Idol etc.

See, I get it. It’s a ratings race. It’s quantity over quality.

(On a side note, with Firefly, you never really gave it a chance. You aired it in such a strange way that people were confused. And then you axed it. And it was painful. And I’m still not really over it.)

You’re quite disdainful of sci-fi as a whole (despite leaving X-Files on so long that everyone involved lost the will to live) but, come on, you need to be a little more open minded. With you FOX, sci-fi fans are generally treated to one season (if we’re lucky, maybe two) and then our worlds come crashing to a halt and all we can do is sigh and keep hoping there’ll be a next time. Or that another channel will pick up where you cruelly left off. Thanks again, SyFy. You’re a real chum.

What I’m asking you today is, take a chance on Terra Nova. Give it a whole season and see. You owe it at least that. A lot can happen in 1 season. Give it a chance to settle in; to grow; to evolve. It’s not the smartest thing on TV, no. But it has promise. It lacks the science but hey, I can deal with their explanation for overcoming the predestination paradox. Probey. Timeliney. Fine. Just let time itself work it all out in the end. At the very least, it’s exciting. And it’s got dinosaurs for crying out loud.

Dinosaurs make everything exponentially more awesome. Fact.



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