Arrow Season 2 Blooper Reel

Let’s face it, you’re going through Arrow withdrawal right now. I know you are. I can see it. You’re waiting for your fix, and it can’t come quick enough. But no need to worry, it’s coming on October 8th. Until then you can catch up on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Yes, with the release of Season 2 onto Blu-Ray comes the gag reel. Rejoice!

We finally get to see the outtakes of some of the training – amazing. Also Caity Lotz is officially my hero. I mean, I guessed she did all that. But now it’s confirmed, she’s a total BAMF. Also, that Deathstroke scene is just the best.


Here’s 16 new photos from Season 3


atom 2


felicity oliver

green arrow 2

green arrow 3

green arrow 4

green arrow 5

green arrow

i can't believe it's not oliver and felicity

oliver felicity

oliver laurel


red arrow 2

red arrow 3

red arrow

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