Doctor Who – The Eleventh Hour


It may be five years on, but boy oh boy if Doctor Who (2005) doesn’t still have it.

60 thumping minutes of adrenaline, cheek and charm into the season and Matt Smith has firmly and confidently stamped himself all over the series. Tennant left some mighty big boots to fill and Matt Smith has requested them in a larger size. From minute one “The Eleventh Hour” sent us on a rollercoaster of fish custard and saucy outfits. PopCultureMonster still hasn’t quite caught its breath.

Smith is superbly frantic as the new Doctor. Gillan’s Amy Pond is no nonsense and more than a match for 11. Moffat has injected the series with youth, vigour and the tiniest hint of smut. And raise your hand if you didn’t ‘squee’ at the Doctor montage… We thought as much.

And so to this season’s Bad Wolf. So far our contenders are Silence, The Pandoric and Myth (Interesting because of the ‘psi’ or ‘p’ in place of the y). PopCultureMonster waits with baited fire-breath to see them whittled down or brought together as the series moves on.

Whatever the Big Bad, Pop Culture Monster says: Bring it on.

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